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New Album: Lost in the Found

Our new album, Lost in the Found, is now available on all online streaming sites. Take a listen and dive deep in the Salimbaa world!

I recorded this album outside of Seattle, Washington with sound engineer, Michael Proctor. With their state of the art mics and space, Olalla Bay Music Studio was able to capture the acoustic quality of the Salimbaa instrument as best as I have ever heard!

Most of the songs had three Salimbaa tracks; a rhythm, melody and harmony track. This made the songs sound like it had many instruments but it was only one. We tried keeping the recording as vulnerable and real as possible, without adding many effects and EQs.

My desire was to create Salimbaa music to help release peace into people’s cars, homes and workplaces. In doing that, we also wanted the music to represent the acoustic ability of the Salimbaa instrument. Since the instrument is like a drum and also like a harp, I wanted to bring both sides of the instrument out.

The joyful wonder of marriage is that two lost people find each other. When they make the marriage bond, they have the rest of their lives to get lost in the beauty of love. Love is not always flowers and chocolate though. Love requires hard work, patience and endurance. But if you step back look at the life of love, you’ll see rhythms, melodies and harmonies in it all. That’s exactly what love is. Being… Lost in the Found.

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