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Date: Dec 29, 2023 - Jan 1, 2024

Location: Apple Hill Lodge, Moravian Falls


Be renewed in the rushing waters of God’s presence with 3 days and 3 nights devoted to worship, scripture reading, and prayer as we enter into this new year together!


Our vision is to provide a place for you to reconnect with God’s presence in community and fellowship. We will be ministering to the Lord during this time but offering opportunities to connect with yourself and one another as well.

Details for RéConnect

Schedule: The Lower Level of Apple Hill Lodge will be open 24/7 from Friday at 10am to Monday at 1am so you can come and go as you please. Sets of worship, prayer and scripture reading will be going on throughout the entire 3 days. For a tentative schedule, please view Tentative Schedule Below


Note: We are planning for seven “corporate services” with additional “intimate sets” in between. Scripture reading will be held from 10pm-10am (through the night).


Lodging: We anticipate a big turnout so rooms will be available on a first come, first served basis at the Lodge and nearby cabins for regular price (contact Nancy Brown at More Ministries for more info).


A limited number of rooms are available for purchase for those visiting from far away or wishing to sleep overnight. We ask that you book well in advance to reserve your spot.


Those who stay late are welcome to rest a while in the adjacent rooms in the Lower Level, however the top level will be reserved for those who have purchased a stay.


Food: A small concession stand will be available at the upper level of the Lodge during day time hours. Meals will be available at local restaurants throughout the weekend. A Community Meal will be available on Sunday at 7pm at the Upper Level of the Lodge. 


Note: ANNOUNCEMENTS can be made at the beginning and end of each service to give direction/reminders as needed, as well as a designated point in between services as well to facilitate good communication/inform newcomers.

Detailed Schedule

Note: Upper Level will be available for fellowship during day hours only



10am - 12noon           Moravian Kickoff Service        Lower Level

12noon - 5pm             Intimate Worship Sessions     Lower Level

   5pm - 7pm                  America Prayer Service         Lower Level   

 7pm -10pm                 Intimate Worship Sessions     Lower Level 

10pm - 10am (Sat)     Scripture Reading                   Lower Level



10am - 12noon           Worship Service                     Lower Level

12noon - 5pm             Intimate Worship Sessions     Lower Level

5pm - 7pm                   Israel Prayer Service              Lower Level

7pm -10pm                 Intimate Worship Sessions     Lower Level

10pm - 8am (Sun)       Scripture Reading                   Lower Level



8 am - 9 am                Sunrise Service                      Lower Level

9am – 5 pm                 Intimate Worship Sessions     Lower Level

5 pm - 7 pm                Unreached Prayer Service     Lower Level

7 pm - 9 pm                Community Dinner                  Main Level

9 pm - 12 midnight      New Year’s Service              Lower Level

12 Midnight- 1am        Fellowship and Dismissal       Lower Level

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