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Starting Off 2017

Vision Casting Night

For all who came to the Vision Casting Night, or watched the live-streaming, we hope you enjoyed it and were encouraged. For us it was great to see all of our friends from different places and Churches to share our heart for the gospel. We hope that what we shared gave you a better understanding of what we are doing in bringing the gospel to the unreached people. So thank you all for being a part of it and for all who gave into the mission. If you weren't a part of it and want to learn more, we'd be glad to share it with you. Just let us know!

Tinananon Update

I took a trip to the Philippines this past December, 2016. We had an absolutely amazing trip to the Tinananon tribe! We stayed at a local church in the closest town to where the Tinananon are located. The first night we were there the pastor of the church asked us to do a simple service. As we worshipped, the Spirit of God came across the whole place. Suddenly we were all engulfed in praise to Him and we worshipped for hours. I only spoke for 5-7 minutes and the Holy Spirit led the rest of the service. People were healed both emotionally and physically. I saw people have first encounters with Jesus. Some were speechlessly in awe of His love and presence. It was spectacular to see.

I met with Marivel and Angelyn who are trained translators of the Bible. We sent them to the Translator's Association of the Philippines (TAP) in Manila from 2015-2016. Now they are back in their tribe starting their first steps in translating the Bible in their mother-tongue. Thanks to the chief of the tribe, Datu Suhat, through him the local government has given assistance to build an official translation office. This is where they will be able to do all of the translation work.

The best book to start on is the Book of Luke because the Tinananon people can relate with the people, stories and parables in Luke. It's not an easy task to translate the word of God and the enemy doesn't like it either! Pray for wisdom, supernatural strength and endurance for the two translators and the translation team.

Our New Album: The Chief

Marshall Daniels and I, together with many friends from North Carolina worked together on making an instrumental worship album called "The Chief". This album is in honor of the chief of the Tinananon, Datu Suhat. Because of his life, we have the opportunity to bring the gospel to the Tinananon people. Many will miss him, including us, but his story and commitment to his people will be remembered. The album is purely instrumental. It is great for meditation, quiet times or long drives! It's now available and you can get a hard or soft copy.

Tagikul Educational Program

We have partnered with the Tagikul Educational Program in the Philippines to help indigenous teenagers have the opportunity to go to universities and be discipled! See video to learn more.

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