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Richard Lanzanas

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

We are so excited to announce our new Regional Director of Evergreen Missions in Mindanao island in the Philippines, Pastor Richard Lanzanas!

We have walked with Richard and his family for a number of years. He has a burning passion for the unreached people groups of Mindanao to encounter the heart of God and follow in His ways. When restrictions disabled us from entering the Philippines, Richard and his team of nationals jumped into action and followed through with our mission to reach the tribes with God’s redeeming love. This has been a blessing to see!

Richard and his wife Cyndy are pastors of Destiny Ministries International in General Santos city in the island of Mindanao. With their church behind them, they have created a missions force for the Kingdom of God. Please pray for Richard, Cyndy and their new baby as they continue their journey with the Lord.

In this video, we commissioned Richard Lanzanas on Oct 9, 2022.

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