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This album was created to honor the chief of the Tinananon, Datu Suhat, who sadly passed away in 2016 and to honor the remarkable work of Jesus in their tribe. Caleb Byerly, a missionary to the Tinananon tribe and Marshall Daniels, a worship pastor at The Harvest House Church, collaborated together in making this album. They had the desire to create an album revolving around the Salimbaa and Handpan instruments. The origins of these two instruments are considered ancient partner-instruments in the Tinananon tribe, as they were played together hundreds of years ago. So this album is a collision of music from the east and the west, from history and the present.

Caleb and Filipino musicians came together to creatively produce this soaking worship album with the Salimbaa and other indigenous Philippine instruments. Caleb composed all of the songs from the Salimbaa and the other instrumentalists incorporated their own parts accordingly.


Join us in worship of God our Creator as you listen to these Salimbaa compositions.

The Salimbaa Story was featured in one of the Morning Star Journals. You can get it here.





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