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The Unreached Mandate

Hi everyone, I'd like to share the vision and mandate the Lord gave us for the unreached people groups. Here's a video and transcripts below.

In 2008 I lived in Israel and God called me to the unreached people groups. And from Israel, I was launched to the nations. I lived in Fiji, I lived in the Philippines, I lived in Kiribati and the whole time that I was there, I was living with tribal groups. And I began to realize that there are many, still so many unreached people groups in the world.

I was reminded of this verse in Revelation chapter 7 and I'm just going to paraphrase it. It says, behold a great multitude of people from every nation and from tribes and peoples and languages standing before the throne and the lamb and they were crying out salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb. And after realizing and reading that verse, I began to realize that there are still many tribes and peoples and languages in the world that need to hear the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ!

So Evergreen Missions, in 2015, was birthed after I had lived in many tribal groups. Gladys, my wife and I, we started Evergreen Missions to be a platform for many missionaries to be raised up and sent to more unreached people groups. We exist to be a catalyst for the Kingdom. And so the past 10 years, we have planted 19 churches and we have reached somewhere around 95,000 people that have been impacted through our efforts for the Kingdom. And our missions based in Moravian Falls, North Carolina is an essential place where God is raising up Kingdom Builders.

So our goal is not to just pat ourselves on the shoulder and count all the good things that God has been doing and I feel proud of ourselves. But really our goal is that we would join with other indigenous leaders from around the world to make a great impact for the Kingdom of God.

You see, God is doing something new in this world in the missions movement. You know, before you would see lots of missionaries sent overseas and to live there for many years and they learn the language and learn the culture. But you know what God is doing right now is, He is raising up indigenous and national missionaries to reach their own people as well as their neighboring tribes. The reason why indigenous leaders are more effective in missions is because, first of all they already know the language, they already know the culture, they live right there in the unreached neighboring areas and it's also way more cost effective. And we can get there quicker than sending people from overseas.

But what is our part? Our part with Evergreen Missions and our team of prayer warriors. We are to pray for the missions work in the 10/40 window in the unreached people groups. We are also to go on short-term and long-term missions work that will help, support and validate the work that the indigenous people are leading. We are also to financially support them as we support the indigenous leaders and support the work that God is continually doing in those nations. And we are to train up and equip indigenous tribal leaders to fulfill the work of God in those areas.

With Evergreen Missions team, I always talk about the importance of abiding in Jesus. You see, if we tried to do all these great efforts without being abided and connected in Jesus with the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Father, it's all pointless. You know, we are supposed to do great things for him but if we don't do it with Him, it's pointless. And another thing is that we have a desire to truly equip disciples for Him and not just train and raise up people but we are to send them to be Kingdom Builders in the nations!

We created a funding program called Support Our Missionaries to specifically support those who minister among the unreached people groups. We also have a Prayer Team to support our missionaries. Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to connect to our Prayer Team Email List.



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