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  • Caleb Byerly

Israel, the World and Worship to God

The place that gave birth to the Savior of the world is becoming the center of worldwide worship to the Savior.

I’ve experienced a lot in my life even though I’m still quite young. I’ve been to Heaven and have seen majestic landscapes and creatures unknown to the Earth. I’ve been to the depths of Hell and have seen death and the work of Satan in front of my eyes. I’ve lived in the uttermost parts of the Earth and have seen life and creation sync into a motion of being like I never thought possible. I haven’t seen it all, but I have seen a lot.

I noticed one thing; I can’t escape Him. If you just look, He’s in everything. If you ever say, “Where’s God?” Please, let me smack you. If you angrily say, “Why did God do this?” Please, let me smack you again. Examine the tree outside your house, the ant crawling up your wall or a newborn baby experiencing life for the first time. Take time to examine something, anything, and imagine what God had to do to make it IT, what He is doing now to make it IT and what He will do to make it IT.

His Spirit is syncing all creation together into a masterpiece orchestra. The song of Earth entering Heaven’s gates and going into the ears of God is the most beautiful thing. It’s also our greatest commission to partake in this orchestra, making love songs to our Lover, giving admiration and honor to the Giver of Life.

One of the greatest worship experiences that I’ve had was in 2008. I attended a large gathering of indigenous people in Israel. There were around 300 people from countries all over the world. They weren’t just people, they were the indigenous coming to represent their own country. They were ambassadors of their country, singing their countries’ song, wearing their countries’ clothes and dancing their countries’ dance.

We were floating on the Sea of Galilee in a boat that was similar to the boat that Jesus would have ridden while He was doing His ministry in the Galilee. Someone started playing a drum. Another person followed, then another and then another. Drums from all over the world were being played together. They were in sync to a rhythmic beat. It didn’t sound Western, it didn’t sound Eastern, it sounded Earthly and complete.

My friend Eddie, a Tigwahanon Manobo from the Philippines, had the guts to step in the middle of all these drummers and dance. People cheered as they saw him dancing. Next, an African man stepped into the center and took Eddie’s place and danced an African dance. After that, a Norwegian, then a Papua New Guinean, then Okinawans, and it went on and on. Every dance was different and unique. The nations came together in unison with song and dance. I saw some people crying, some people laughing joyfully and some people in awe. It all wrapped up to be one thing. Worship.

I was one who was “in awe” at watching this. I imagined Jesus in that boat, 2,000 years ago. While the storms were raging and the disciples were running around in fear, Jesus was resting and dreaming of what is to come. Jesus was imagining the time when the nations will come together in worship to His Father. He didn’t just see hundreds; he saw thousands, millions and billions of people singing and dancing in unison, crying with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”

January 8th, 2014

Caleb Byerly

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