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Philippines Update 2020

I arrived in the Philippines in February and got back to the States the first week of March, just two days before the Philippines closed their borders due to COVID 19. I'm so glad that I got back in time for the arrival of the newest addition to our family, Baby Asaph Paul Byerly.

We feel like the Holy Spirit has directed us to focus on partnering with the body of Christ in the Philippines; to raise up and equip missionaries in the Philippines to reach their own people.

This past trip to the Philippines, I first went to General Santos City. I had a gathering of missionaries and pastors from nine churches from the city come together with a real passion to reach the unreached people. I was excited to see what potential this could be for future missions. We did a 2-day gathering of training and worshiping together.

The Tinonanon Tribe We were able to take a 3-day mission to the Tinonanon tribe. I took a group of Filipinos who were passionate for missions. I introduced them to a number of tribal pastors and leaders in the Tinonanon tribe. There was a really great Kingdom exchange and I see a great fruitful future for missions in this area!

In the tribe, we all stood in the river and worshiped together. As we worshiped, I felt like the Lord wanted to release healing over people. So I made the call for healing and three people stood up. One had a headache, the other had arthritis, and the other had breathing problems. Right there, standing in the river, God healed them! I knew in my heart that that was all that was needed to start a great movement of the Holy Spirit. The next day, we had about one hundred people come to visit us at the place we were staying. We gathered together, and I started telling them testimonies of God’s healing power. I shared my testimony of healing, and the three people from the river also shared their testimonies. When we invited people for healing, around forty people came to the front. The Lord showed His glory by releasing his healing touch over the place. There was a lady that was nearly completely blind, and she complained that she couldn’t read the Bible. After being healed, we verified it by bringing a Bible to her, and she read the scriptures in front of everyone!

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